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Billage is a web application aimed at freelancers and small companies that need to manage everything related to their business. It can help you coordinate invoicing with other basic elements, like purchases, sales, stock, projects, and employees.

Since all your information is stored on the cloud, you can check and modify anything instantly, from anywhere in the world. The interface reduces everything to these three features:

- Administration; this includes the sales and purchase tabs, which contain the invoicing tab, and alerts for different due dates.

- CRM; customer relations is the most important element in any business, so keeping track of your user base is a key factor. Billage lets you create business opportunities for your sales, and manage the calendar so you never miss a thing.

- Projects; this section helps you keep track of your ideas, and know how you are carrying them out, in terms of time spent, other expenses, and deviations from the original plan.

In short, Billage lets you manage the most important aspects of your business and even keep track of different projects you might be developing or about to develop.

Free trial for 15 days.

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